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When you search for your site on the search engines, is it non existent?

Our team of SEO experts have the knowledge, experience, and drive to help you succeed online.

First of all, before you read any further, if you need any SEO information or advice on any optimization topic not on this site feel free to email me at

There are a LOT of SEO companies in Austin who want to lock you in and commit you to a contract, but why should you have to?  Our position is simple, if we don’t increase the amount of traffic you receive through our SEO efforts, why should you continue using our SEO services?  This is why every client we serve is completely free to cancel our SEO services at any time.

What makes Austin Search Engine Optimization .org different?

Good question!  We have extensive experience in achieving not just front page rankings, but TOP POSITION rankings for highly competitive key phrases through our SEO services.  Results from most other SEO company’s efforts usually take several months to come to fruition, however our comprehensive online marketing and Search engine optimization system has taken a website from non existent to a top 2 listing in 2 weeks.

Our Austin SEO Process:

1) Begin with the end in mind.  Accurate keyword research is absolutely vital to a SEO campaign.  Certainly, there are some Austin Search Engine Optimization companies out there who just ‘go with their gut’, but we prefer having data to back up our recommendations.  Also, we have targeted and computed the performance data of over 10,000 key phrases over the last 4 years, and we only use “Exact Match” keyword data, which provides smaller and more accurate numbers and expectation for your Austin Search Engine Optimization campaign.  If your SEO company uses “Broad” keywords, do NOT use them!  They are just trying to make their numbers look big.

2) On page content: Based on the data we find in the keyword research, we recommend changes to your website content, usually very minor.  We also have an in-house graphic and web designer if you are not happy with your current website design.

3) We then implement a responsible and comprehensive link building campaign, which incorporates press release style article marketing and authoritative in content links from sites all over the world.

Best of all…We work within your budget!  Our goal is to provide value for value, increase your exposure to search traffic on the internet, and thereby increase your customer base.  We know that as that customer base increases, so will your budget, and we will continue to be your choice for Austin Search Engine Optimization service.  We have even operated a campaign at a loss for a month or two until the business started rolling in and the business owner could afford to bring his campaign back in the black.

We will even provide a website visibility and keyword market research report COMPLETELY FREE!

Call us today at (512) 827-7909 for a free no commitment consultation and see what our Austin SEO team can do for your business!

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More about SEO:The higher your website is ranked, the more success you will achieve online. No matter if you are an experienced pro or a novice, innovative ideas – like those below – are always available to optimize your Austin search engine ranking.

But before you can harness the power of SEO in Austin, you need to know the basics of Search Engine Optimization. Ideally, people, not search engines, would decide which websites are most relevant to a given set of keywords. Instead, this task is left up to computers who use complicated algorithms and equations to determine this. SEO is designed to make your site rank higher so you can get more traffic to your site.

There are several factors that search engines use to figure out the ranking of your website. They look at the keywords you have in your headings and on other parts of your site. They also check to see what type of traffic your site receives and keep an eye on links that go to and from there. Updating the words on the pages of your website is known as on page search engine optimization.

Getting to the top of the search engine results is a matter of time and proper design. Web crawlers look for certain pieces of data when determining search engine optimization and ranking. To get the best results with search engines, your site information must use accurate keywords. Use these keywords to improve your rankings and increase sales. Following the steps above will give you the results you need to build your success.

You cannot pay for a high search engine ranking, even though there are sponsored spots available. If by chance you are able to afford a featured listing at the top of a search results page, that is great, but customers will still know that you paid for the ad placement.

Optimizing your Austin website with keywords and phrases is a great way to get the most out of your site, but there are other things you can do, too. A variety of backlinks are beneficial, such as links targeting other sites, links on other sites pointing back to yours, and even links between your own site’s pages. Agreeing to exchange links with the other sites is a good way to get backlinks quickly in place.

Occasionally, people will stumble upon your website by accident. These site visits do not generally result in a sale. That is why it is necessary for you to be able to target the people who need your product. By choosing effective search terms and putting ads for your site on sites that customers are already browsing, you can quickly reach your preferred audience.

If your business needs the sales it makes through the internet, then it should definitely have a good running webpage. Use the advice in this article to create the best website for your business.  Call us today for experienced, friendly, and cost effective Austin Search Engine Optimization!

SEO Specialist, Jason Kilgore

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